The start of a new year has brought with it a new area of specialisation for our company, and the development to our fencing business. Firstly, Jasper has purchased a ‘milling kit’, an adaptation for the 660 Stihl chainsaw which is designed to allow for accurate production of planks and fencing slats from appropriate stems of wood such as larch and ash. Over time, we hope to develop this area of business into a useable by-product of our arborist business.

Secondly, we have developed a more efficient process of treating fence posts and slats, with the introduction of a new dipping and draining tank. This will allow us to build up a store of fence and gate posts for our fencing work.

We have also dismantled a large ash tree in Cranham in the Cotswolds. The tree had been repeatedly clipped by high-sided vehicles and had an area within the main stem, approximately three foot up from ground level, which was beginning to deteriorate and was infested with ants and woodlice, rendering the tree unsafe. Potentially a tricky job as the tree overhung a road, which meant the road was occasionally closed off and felling took place across the road. However, the job went well, with only a minimal degree of interference to the flow of traffic. All wood was processed for the client, and brash chipped and removed.