October marked the start of our hedge cutting and trimming season, a task made slightly easier by the mild weather conditions, we completed our final cut on 21 December 2016. In addition, we have also been involved in a number of larger projects.

November was highlighted by large dismantle jobs in Upton St Leonard’s, Battledown (Cheltenham), Lower Washwell Lane, Painswick and a Walnut dismantle also in Painswick.

December saw the return of the company Land-rover after a major refit since the end of September beginning of October. A major asset to the overall operation of the company, and a great relief to Jasper, its return coincides conveniently with the arrival of winter. It has more durability in adverse conditions compared to the van, and is quicker to site than the tractor.

The log delivery service has been consistent throughout the autumn and into the winter season, and have increased the number of clients and deliveries in comparison to the 2015/16 season.

Ultimately we are aiming to improving the quality of our service by asking our clients to comment on how the service suits their needs. It has proved to be not only very encouraging, but, also a vital indicator towards the process of harvesting, drying and deliveries which we will carry forward into 2017.